Hershey’s Company

Hershey’s Company

1.Identfy the firm’s existing vision, mission,objectives ,and strategies

  • There is not a vision of Hershey company.
  • Hershey Company’s mission statement is that :‘Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.’

Hershey’s objectives:

  • To promote the health benefits of Hershey Chocolate
  • Help the consumers change their mind-set that chocolates are unhealthy
  • To spread awareness and increase sales of product

Hershey’s strategy:

  • Entering new market in Canada, United States, Mexico,Brazil and other international locations(India,The Philippines ,Japan and China)
  • Producing new products with new brand name
  • Expanding its global presence via joint venture and merger
  • Supporting environmental and social projects
  • To increase sales using promotional materials
  • Producing healthy chocolates

2.Develop vision and mission statements for the organization

  • Hershey Company’s vision is to be ‘the world’s first choice for chocolate everywhere, everytime’.
  • The Hershey Company’s mission is to be produce different chocolate flavors with best price for target markets.

3.Identify the organization’s external opportunities and threats


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